The club’s members work very hard, giving freely of their time and their resources to serve their community. Whatever the club is doing, this work is undertaken with a sense of comeraderie and enjoyment – coming together to serve those in need is rewarding in its own right, which the club always undertakes with good humour.

To deepen the shared sense of togetherness and because we enjoy each other’s company, the club also has regular social evenings. These can take a variety of forms, from a bring-and-braai to a sit-down dinner.

An important annual event is the clubs Induction Dinner, at which the incoming officers for the year are inducted and the incoming president lays out their goals for the year. This is held in July every year and is normally a formal black-tie dinner. New members are also often inducted into the club at this event.

The club was chartered in January of 1967 – on milestone anniversaries of this date a charter dinner is also held, such as in 2007 to celebrate the club’s 40th anniversary.