In order to serve the community better, the club undertakes a variety of fundraising activities. Some activities are conducted regularly while others are once-off or infrequent events.

It is important to note that the proceeds of any fundraising activity by any Lions club are all used for service to the community – the club does not take any portion of money solicited for charity from the public for the club’s own gain. Expenses incurred by the fundraising activity are the only expenses which the raised funds may be used for – all proceeds go towards community service. The North Durban club may occasionally raise funds to assist with the club’s own expenses, but it is always clearly indicated in those cases that the funds raised are for the club’s expenses.

Highlighted Projects

Christmas Cakes

Like most Lions clubs in South Africa, the club is very actively involved in the sale of Lions Christmas Cakes. These delicious 1kg alcohol-free cakes are baked by the Corner Bakery and are always good value. All the proceeds from the sale of the Christmas Cakes goes directly to serve the community, as with all Lions fundraising efforts.


The club is well equipped and experienced at catering at indoor or outdoor events through the sale of egg & bacon rolls, chicken rolls, hamburgers, wors rolls and steak rolls, along with popcorn, candy-floss, colddrinks and tea & coffee.

Lions Elaine Turton, Shirley Johnston and Trevor Hobbs selling freshly-made popcorn and candyfloss.
Several Lions preparing and selling a variety of hot rolls, made fresh to order.

Quilt Raffle

The local Quilters-by-the-Sea quilters group has generously prepared a king sized quilt every year for several years, which the club is able to raffle off to raise significant funds. The club remains deeply grateful to the Quilters-by-the-Sea for their extremely generous donation.

Several Lions with one of the fabulous quilts.