Club Activities

The main aim of any Lions club is to serve its community. The Community Service page on this website has all the details about the many and varied community service projects the club undertakes.

In order to serve the community better, most Lions clubs also undertake a variety of fundraising activities. The Fundraising page on this website has information about the various fundraising projects the club runs.

It is important to note that the proceeds of any fundraising activity by any Lions club are all used for charity – the club does not take any portion of money solicited for charity from the public for the club’s own gain. Expenses incurred by the fundraising activity are the only expenses which the raised funds may be used for – all proceeds go towards community service. The North Durban club may occasionally raise funds to assist with the club’s own expenses, but it is always clearly indicated in those cases that the funds raised are for the club’s expenses.

Lions also know how to have fun. There is a great sense of comeraderie and enjoyment when working together on fundraising and community service events. The North Durban club also has regular social events which are detailed at our Social page.