In order to serve the community better, the club undertakes a variety of fundraising activities. Some activities are conducted regularly, even weekly, while others are once-off or infrequent events.

It is important to note that the proceeds of any fundraising activity by any Lions club are all used for charity – the club does not take any portion of money solicited for charity from the public for the clubs own gain. Expenses incurred by the fundraising activity are the only expenses which the raised funds may be used for – all proceeds go towards community service. The North Durban club may occasionally raise funds to assist with the clubs own expenses, but it is always clearly indicated in those cases that the funds raised are for the clubs expenses.

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Highlighted Projects

Golden Hours Market Stall

The Golden Hours school for the intellectually disabled operates a family market every Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00 at their premises on Uitsig Road. Click here for a map. The North Durban Lions have a stall at the market, selling candyfloss, popcorn and ice lollies. We also have a small tractor at the market with a trailer attached, which we use to take children on a trip around the market property for a small charge.

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Tractor Rides for Parties at the Golden Hours market

The Golden Hours market rents out its playground area for childrens parties. The club can provide tractor rides at such a party at R200 an hour. Contact Lyn Wilson on 083 262 3693 to arrange a party. Lyn will advise you who to contact about hiring the tractor for a party, or alternatively you can contact one of the club’s officers.

Christmas Carols and Night Market

Starting in 2009, the club organises several evenings of Christmas carols accompanied by a night market at the Golden Hours market premises in mid December. This has become a very popular event in the local community and is a very beneficial fundraiser for the club.

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Craft Show

The club has organised several craft shows at our clubhouse, featuring exhibits by local crafters, in particular the Quilters-by-the-Sea quilters group. The craft shows also offer an outlet for local crafters to sell their crafts to the public.

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Christmas Cakes

Like most Lions clubs in South Africa, the club is very actively involved in the sale of Lions Christmas Cakes. These delicious cakes are baked by Albany and are always good value. All the proceeds from the sale of the Christmas cakes goes directly to support charitable projects, as with all Lions fundraising efforts.

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