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The contents of a single-person food parcel

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  1. Jackie Botha

    We are a church group that would like to distribute food parcels to families in our own community. We are insure what the best products will be to put into such a parcel. Is it maybe possible for you to send us a list of contents of such a parcel for a family of 4 for a month.
    Many thanks

    • admin

      Hi Jackie,

      the contents of our food parcels for families depends largely on what we have been donated during the month. However, we generally at least include items such as:
      – a jar of peanut butter
      – a 2kg or so bag of rice
      – a 1kg or 2kg bag of maize meal
      – a bag of pasta
      – a box or 2 of long-life milk
      – 4 or more cans of baked beans
      – 2 or 3 cans of tinned vegetables
      – 2 or 3 cans of tinned meat and or tinned fish – pilchards, corned beef and the like
      a 1kg bag of sugar (sugar is specifically generously donated to us every month, which is why it is included)
      – 3 or 4 bags of instant noodles
      – 3 or 4 packets of instant soup
      – 30 or more tea bags

      We ensure that everything we give to our recipients is non-perishable, particular as many of them do not have a fridge.

      The parcels we provide are not enough to feed the entire family for the month unfortunately, but they do go a long way towards helping.

      Thank you for your interest in this community service – I am sure you will find it extremely rewarding, as the North Durban Lions do.

      Kim van Wyk
      2011/2012 North Durban Lions President

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