Vision Screening at Briardene Primary School

In 2017, District 410C acquired a SPOT Vision Screener as part of its Lions Centennial legacy project. The screener is able to quickly diagnose possible vision problems and can test hundreds of people in one day. It does not replace an optometrist but is extremely effective at rapidly screening people to determine whose eyes an optometrist should test, saving many hours over fully testing each person.

The club has been using the District’s screener to screen the eyesight of hundreds of pupils at Briardene Primary School between May and August 2018 in conjunction with Manuela Diener of EyeSA Optometry. Manuela has been selflessly donating many hours of her time to assist the club with vision projects for many years – for this project Manuela tested the eyes of pupils the screener indicated would need a more comprehensive test. The club used Specsavers’┬ávery generous program of providing free spectacles to children under 12 to obtain spectacles for most of the pupils who needed them. Specsavers also very generously arranged free spectacles for the handful of pupils who were over 12 who needed them. Each of the pupils received their spectacles and instructions on how to care for them.

Members who were on hand will never forget the joy the pupils showed when their eyesight was drastically improved with their spectacles. Many younger children don’t even realise they have vision problems, assuming that the way they see the world is the same for everyone else.

This project has made a lifelong difference to many young people and the club thanks Manuela Diener and Specsavers for their generous donations of time and spectacles to assist the club in serving some young members of its community.

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